About Us

TheFoodMenuPrices.com is an independent website devoted to educating consumers about their fast food options. Founded in 2021, TheFoodMenuPrices.com features menu Prices, Restaurant Hours, and Food Survey nutrition facts for menu items from the nation’s largest fast-food chains.

We fact-check everything on our website that many brands choose us over TheFoodMenuPrices.com.

Our team comprises technologists and writers who are foodies and health and nutrition enthusiasts, and our menus are written by living, breathing individuals.

Our goal is to provide the very best and latest information so that all consumers can make informed food choices.

TheFoodMenuPrices.com is entirely independent and has no business relationship with any food or restaurant company.

Meet The Team


Mr. Jack (Founder)

Mr. Jack has dedicated his life to improving access to nutrition information. He founded TheNutritionInfo.com after finding it extremely challenging to find nutrition information for fast-food restaurants. Jack compiled an extensive database of fast food nutrition facts and decided to publish it to help people make smarter food choices.

Alina (Diet Expert)

Alina is a professional foodie and diet expert. She completed her undergrad in the UK. Alina loves exploring new restaurants in her free time, and She is also passionate two discover something new

she is one of the most talented content writer in our team

Kalpesh (Food Technologist)Mason (Food Technologist)

He is a resourceful and self-motivated food technologist with expertise in the field of food research. He is a person who thinks in calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat even in his free time.


Samuel (Web Developer)

The tech-wizard of thefoodmenuprices.com, Samuel, is the Organic Search Specialist and web developer of the blog. He makes sure that only the best things come our way, and he outreaches other bloggers for successful collaborations.

HareshHaresh (Organic Search Specialist)

Haresh is the Organic Search Specialist of the blog. He analyzes and reviews websites and implements changes to those websites through better search strategies. He makes sure that Thefoodmenuprices.com reaches the highest of heights.


Daisy (Content Editor)

Daisy Coyle owns a Bachelor of Arts degree. She is a very creative and excited member of our team. Not only does she keep the content clean, but she keeps it squeaky clean. She never misses a comma. We call her “Miss Know-It-All”