Alinea Menu Prices

Alinea Menu Prices

Alinea Menu Prices is a bit higher than expected,, but when you reach out and enjoy the quality food, you will realize that Alinea prices are worth every penny.

Alinea, a Chicago restaurant that has been awarded many times for its quality and service, is worth a visit whenever you are in Chicago. It has three Michelin Guide stars, the only one in Chicago, and the AAA Five Diamond Award. It is consistently rated as one of the top restaurants in the world.

he food is edible art in this restaurant! You can expect unusual food such as a green apple balloon or a Jackson Pollock’s style dish, but each bite is delicious. The experience is priced at Alinea, which is relatively high.

alinea menu prices

The restaurant has a brighter, airier feel than it did when it opened. The restaurant has three distinct menus, and there are many rooms to showcase them. For reservations, guests are encouraged to use the Tock booking system.

How about we take a look at Alinea Menu Prices and find out how things are charged up here.


Alinea Dining Menu Prices

The Kitchen Table (Per Person) (Price Starts At) $390.00
The Gallery Menu (Per Person) (Price Starts At) $290.00
The Salon Menu (Per Person) (Price Starts At) $190.00

Available Meal Selections

Ebi Banana Coconut $0.00
Shio Kombu Nori $0.00
Scallop Corn Butter $0.00
Tomato Watermelon Parmesan $0.00
Icefish Daisy Mandarin Radish $0.00
Pork Belly Curry Banana $0.00
Morel Blueberry Lapsang Souchong $0.00
Apple Yuzu Lemon Verbena $0.00
Onion Purple Allium Black Pepper $0.00
White Asparagus Lychee Lily Bulb $0.00
Chicken $0.00
Palo Santo Pineapple Mezcal $0.00
Cheeks Chamomile Melon $0.00
Black Truffle Gruyere Pumpernickel $0.00
Mango Almond Cinnamon $0.00
Wagyu Rice Myoga $0.00
Fennel Lemon $0.00
Dark Chocolate Strawberry $0.00
Cherry White Chocolate Bourbon $0.00

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