Aloft Breakfast Hours

Aloft Breakfast Hours

Aloft Breakfast Hours: The food and drink industry in hotels is in flux. Roomservice is either on the wayside or being dramatically revamped. Three-meal eateries are being replaced with grab-and-go, but breakfast is still the most popular option.

A lot of brands are reconsidering the meaning of breakfast for guests as well Aloft Hotels is the latest to offer a fresh perspective on breakfast, the most important breakfast meal that you can have.

The brand’s redesigned Refuel Aloft breakfast concept “promises to fundamentally change the way guests experience the most important meal of the day at Aloft Hotels,” according to the company.

The update includes the creation of 13 portable breakfast containers that can be bought at over 90 Aloft Hotels in the United States and plans are to launch the program to Aloft Hotels worldwide. The Refuel breakfast bowls are designed to provide guests with an energizing and healthy breakfast to take on the go.

“The concept came out of an in-depth study we conducted into consumer needs and global food trends, to help us pinpoint exactly what Aloft’s target guests were looking for from a hotel breakfast experience,” said Toni Stoeckl, global brand manager and VP of Distinctive Select Brands, Marriott International. 

The findings were clear–people wanted something hot, fast, and fresh that they could conveniently take with them on the go, and it was out of this that the Re: fuel breakfast pots were born.”

The 13 options of Re: fuel breakfast pots allow guests of Aloft to pick the breakfast that best suits their preferences. The menu is vegan, sweet, and savory choices.

aloft breakfast

  • The Original Poached eggs, cheese sauce bacon, and the scallion
  • The Ranchero The Ranchero: black bean salsa with avocado, tortilla chips, lime poached egg, sour cream and cilantro, grape tomato, and salsa
  • What’s Good: grain poached egg, avocado goat cheese, and grape tomatoes cucumbers, basil honey lemon vinaigrette, salt
  • The Classic Corned Beef Hash Poached egg, scallion, and poached
  • The Paleo sweet potato hash poached egg, scallion
  • The Hearty: Pork and bean base, poached eggs, pepper, and the scallion
  • The Protein: Quinoa, mushrooms Kale, basil, turkey sausage poached egg-lemon vinaigrette, salt, and pepper
  • It’s the Lean Green: Brussel sprouts Kale, avocado, poached eggs, basil, lemon vinaigrette with salt and pepper
  • The Southern The Southern: cheddar grits Chicken pieces, Sriracha honey poached eggs, honey, and the scallion
  • It’s the Classic Southern: cheddar grits poached eggs shreds of yellow cheddar, pepper, and the scallion
  • The Sweet Mini Pancakes: various berries, granola, mint leaves, maple syrup, and lemon ricotta
  • The Berry The Berry: overnight oat base yogurt fresh fruits, honey, granola, and mint leaves
  • A Brunch French toast, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, icing mint leaves, and powdered sugar

Digital kiosks will form the core of the Re: fuel program. Customers can place orders at the kiosks and the items they choose will be customized to suit their needs. Each pot is marked with a unique avatar sticker. This also indicates the date the pot was designed.

Program Roll-Out

The brand worked closely with its franchisee and owner advisory panel throughout the process. The research has shown that 96 percent of owners feel that the new Re: fuel model is a significant improvement, as per Stoeckl.

“They have found the program ‘game changing’ for our tier of hotels, relative to typical offerings in this space,” he added. “They’ve told us the program is relevant for our consumers, easy to operate, and providing the potential to drive revenue.”

Stoeckl explained that the price of the pots is determined by the individual properties However, the price must be similar to other breakfast options including Starbucks as well as Pret A Manger.

The service will be officially introduced at Aloft hotels across the U.S. beginning March 1. The new model will be extended in Aloft Hotels in Europe, Asia as well as in the Middle East and Africa in the near future, and the concept will be modified to the local culture and fashions.

“Most Aloft Hotels don’t have a full-service restaurant on-site, so we came up with this non-traditional approach to ensure our guests can still enjoy a hot, made-to-order breakfast before they leave for the day,” said Bridget Higgins, global brand director at Aloft Hotels.

“Aloft Hotels’ guests stay on top of the game and with foodie culture increasing in popularity We wanted to provide an experience that was relevant to the people they serve. The Re: fuel breakfast containers offer guests a quick and simple way to enjoy an excellent breakfast in the morning before an event or excursions and all in a chic and fun container that can be taken with them to go on the move Official link.

The research findings that supported the brand helped Aloft to limit its focus to items sold in the grab and go region, with a more pronounced concentration on fun, balanced local and natural products.

Items available at Re: fuel’s grab-and-go store are Chameleon Cold Brew coffee, Buddha Bowl Himalayan Salt Popcorn snacks, Graze snacks, and Fairytale Gum Gourmet Gum.


Does aloft’s hotel coffee come free?

Free coffee in the hotel.

Is breakfast included in aloft?

Are you staying in an Four Points, Aloft, Protea AC or Moxy property? Yes, you can opt for a breakfast buffet or a daily meal or beverage credits as a welcome reward.

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