Barburrito Menu Prices UK


Barburrito UK Menu Prices

You don’t have to look around to find the prices of Barburritos in the UK. Here is the complete Barburrito menu in the UK. Get your feet up to relax and take a drive through across the Barburrito UK Menu and Prices.

Because Barburrito is not publishing an officially-issued Barburrito pricelist, however, they do publish a Barburrito menu list. This makes it a bit difficult to find it on the internet. But, you can look up the complete list for Barburrito UK Menu with prices in this article.

Barburrito UK Menu Prices

I’ve tried to provide the most accurate information in this article, but sometimes the info could differ a bit based on the store’s location across the UK. You can still cross-check by going to the official website.

A specialist in burritos Barburrito was created in 2005 by Morgan Davies and Paul Kilpatrick in the year 2005. The company is a British chain of Mexican fast-food eateries, and tacos, nachos and other Mexican dishes are included in the Barburrito UK Menu.

The first store opened at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester. It was later expanded and now has 21 locations across 11 sites in its territory in the United Kingdom, increased from 14 locations spread across eight in 2016.

Barburrito Menu and Prices

Choose Salsa

Mule Driver Extra Hot
Chipotle Hot
Ranchera Medium
Pico de Galo Mild

Choose Filling

Char Grilled £6.35
Slow Cooked £6.19
Flash Fried £5.50
Char Grilled £5. 96
Spicy Shredded £6.35

Choose Drinks

Mexican Beers £3.45/£3.65
Soda £1.69
Iced Tea £2.09
Water £1.39
This Water £2.09

Add Sides

With Salsa £1.79
With Guacamole £2.29
With Cheese Sauce £2.29
Tortilla Chips £1.00


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