Chili’s Happy Hour-Prices and Menu List

Chili’s Happy Hour-Prices and Menu

The Happy Hour at Chili’s for American fast food, American cuisine, and grilled food, and a variety of drinks Chili’s bar and grill is among the most popular and frequented American food companies.

Non-vegetarians, as well as vegetarians, are able to enjoy a meal in Chili’s dining establishment Chili’s Happy Hour.

There is also a special menu for people who are allergic to certain food items or are concerned about their health.

There’s also a special menu for people who are allergic to specific foods or are concerned about health.

The Chili’s outlets offer some of the most attractive deals for those who attend chili’s Happy Hours if you’re looking for restaurants that provide amazing savings on food and beverages.

Chili’s is the perfect place to take a lunch or dinner or even for unexpected snack cravings.

Chili’s Happy Hour We’ll give you all the information you should learn regarding Chili’s Happy Hour hours, menu pricing, and menu in this blog.

If you’re a regular customer of Chili’s restaurant you are able to visit during Happy Hour hours and purchase the same meal for less.

Chilis restaurant is your ideal food companion. It has a broad selection of food items as well as other menu items without impacting your health.

Chili’s Happy Hour It’s known to provide good quality food to its customers. The costs for menu items are affordable. The amount offered to the client is worth the price they charge.

Chili's Happy Hour

Chili’s Happy Hour Is From 5:00 Pm To 7:00 Pm

What time do the Chili’s Happy Hours start? Chili’s has happy hours available in all their locations depending on the local time.

Chili’s Happy Hour In general, Chili’s restaurants open at eleven a.m. and close around 9 p.m. However, there’s an extra timetable to celebrate Happy Hours. Naturally, the amazing deals won’t be available during all hours. The diagram is below.

Chili’s Happy Hour

Week of the Day Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 3 P.M 7 P.M and 9 P.M
Tuesday 3 P.M 7 P.M and 9 P.M
Wednesday 3 P.M 7 P.M and 9 P.M
Thursday 3 P.M 7 P.M and 9 P.M
Friday 3 P.M 7 P.M

Chilis Happy Hour Menu And Prices

Chili provides a variety of menus for food, drinks, and other products to customers. When it’s Chili’s Happy Hour and the restaurant is offering significant discounts on these items too.

Chili offers a wide selection of Tex-Mex food and dishes that sound appealing and taste appealing to you.

During Chilis special hours patrons can enjoy the most intriguing deals. You can enjoy your favorite food items with different combinations at less than a quarter of their cost.

They are known to provide high-quality, fresh food items with your favorite flavor combinations. This is the only thing you can get at these places.

The restaurant also offers Margarita each month. The food is offered at a special discount. You can enjoy it at any time of the month as the deal is valid throughout the month.

Here are a few dishes on the menu at happy hour at the chili’s as well as the discounted prices.


👉 Small Domestic Draft Beer – $3

👉 Long Island Iced Tea – $5


👉 Presidente Margarita – $5

👉 Premium Draft – $1.99

👉 Wells Drinks – $3

👉 House Wines – $4


👉 Boneless Buffalo Wings- $6

👉 Sweet Potato Fries – $2.99

👉 Half order Texas Cheese Fries – $4

👉 Awesome Blossom Petals – $4

👉 Crispy Cheddar Bites – $4

👉 Fresh Guacamole – $5

👉 White Spinach Queso -$5

👉 Southwestern Eggrolls- $6

👉 Nacho Chicken or Fajita Beef – $4.99

👉 Fried Pickles or Chips and Salsa – $3

👉 Jumbo Soft Pretzels – $4.99

👉 Skillet Queso – $2.99

👉 Burger Bites and Fries – $4.99

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Margarita of the Month

Margarita is widely known as the signature drink that is served at The Chili restaurant. The Chili restaurant can offer a variety of ‘Rita for the duration of a month.

For all those who enjoy ‘Rita, The restaurant will have special promotions during the month Chili’s Happy Hour.

Each month, they offer an exclusive flavor Margarita and are sold for sale at extremely low costs.

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Chili’s Happy Hour FAQs

What is the $5 drink at Chili’s?

The Black Cherry Blitz ‘Rita let you sip back and cheer on your team! The $5 margarita of the season is made from a premium mix made of Espolon(r) Reposado Tequila, fresh triple sec, sour as well as black cherry purée.

What’s the drink of the month at Chili’s?

The 2022 Jan. Margarita of this month is A Tequila Trifecta. A year that demands to go a step further the margarita shakes up triple Tequila-infused perfection.

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