Cosmo Menu Prices UK – What Time Does Cosmo Close?


Cosmo Menu Prices

This article is about Cosmo Menu prices in the UK.

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Cosmo Menu Prices

What is required? Drive to the post and find out more regarding Cosmo Menu and Prices. Cosmo Menu and prices and the background that the place has had.

Additionally, I’ve added the time at which Cosmo starts? And What time does Cosmo close? In the menu pricing tables.

Ensure that you are aware of Cosmos Restaurant when you go to Cosmos Restaurant.

Additionally, you may find variations within some areas of the Cosmo Prices Listbased on the location of the specific site. However, the Cosmo menu item will likely almost be identical across the majority of locations across the UK.

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Cosmo Menu and Prices UK

Cosmo Lunch Menu (Mon-Fri)

12:00- 15:00

Adult Buffet £7.99
Child under 150 cm* £4.00
Minimum charge £2.00

Cosmo Lunch Menu (Sat)

12:00- 15:30

Adult Buffet £8.99
Child under 150 cm* £4.50
Minimum charge £2.00

Cosmo Dinner Menu (Mon-Thur)

17:30- 22:30

Adult £13.99
Child under 150 cm* £7.00
Minimum charge £3.00

Cosmo Dinner Menu (Fri & Sat)

17:30- 23:00

Adult £14.99
Child under 150 cm* £7.50
Minimum charge £3.00

Cosmo Sunday and Bank Holidays

12:00 – 22:30

Adult £13.99
Child under 150 cm* £7.00
Minimum charge £3.00

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Cosmo History

The chain was originally a collection of 19 buffet restaurants. Cosmo is the most prominent eatery located in the United Kingdom, and the first location was opened in Eastbourne in 2003.
The chain currently manages 19 restaurants. It has 14 restaurants in England and three in Scotland, and one within Wales in Wales and Northern Ireland.
The restaurant even has live cooking stations that let you eat freshly cooked.
Cosmo offers more than 150 dishes around the world. Its list comprises China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Mongolia, Singapore, Vietnam, England, and India.
The menu is filled with dishes like sushi Sweet and Sour Pork pizza, salmon fillets with black bean sauce, and Chicken Korma.
For more information to learn more, go to the official website.

Cosmo Restaurant Customer Service Number

Cosmo Official Site –


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FAQ’s For Cosmo Menu Prices

How much is dinner at Cosmo Norwich?

You can enjoy Lunch is from £8.50 and dinner is from £15.99. For more details visit the Norwich branch or its official website.

How much is Cosmo lunch?

Well, you can refer to this site which is all about the Cosmo Menu and Prices.

Is Cosmo free on your birthday?

Cosmo allows you to celebrate the birthday and have one free lunch or dinner up to one week before or after their actual birthday.

Do you have to book a table for cosmos?

Cosmo never wants to disappoint its customer. However, you have to book in advance for large groups, or those attending for a special occasion.

How long do you get at Cosmo?

Up to 1 hour 45 minutes.

Do you offer discounts to large groups?

Cosmo does not offer huge discounts on a regular basis. However, it runs special promotional campaigns from time to time.

What If I am allergic to certain ingredients or have food intolerance?

You will see the ingredients used to prepare food mentioned next or below the item name. Hence you can clarify what suits you or not.

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