Filiberto’s Menu With Prices

Filiberto’s Menu With Prices

Where should you go if you’re in the market for a carne asada-style burrito at any moment of the day or evening? When Filiberto’s started serving burritos and tacos to Southwest residents, they began to ask over Filiberto’s Burritos.

With over 55 restaurants across three country estates, our passion is based on expansion and integrity. Our dishes are made with fresh-cut vegetables in Filiberto’s every day.

We’re very concerned that our clients are happy with our services. We follow the following to ensure that our customers get only the best catering and service.

Filiberto’s Menu Prices

History of Filiberto’s:

Filiberto’s has served authentic Mexican cuisine in the southwest since 1993. Since 1993 there has never been anything comparable to the fantastic food that Filiberto’s offers.

The First Filiberto’s:

In 1993, Filiberto established its very first location in Mesa, Arizona. After just a couple of years, the business paid off, and today ten sites offer delicious Mexican food, friendly service, and a pleasant dining experience. It wasn’t long until Filiberto’s drive-through and carry-out became a part of Phoenix Valley.

Filiberto’s Menu With Prices:

Combination Plates

Item Prices
Pollo Asado Combination Platter $9.55
Burrito & Taco Combination $9.45
Two Beef Tacos Combination $9.45
Fajitas Chicken Or Steak Combination $11.85
Two Enchiladas Combination Platter $8.76
Camarones Rancheros Combination Platter $12.11
Tostada & Taco $9.45
4 Rolled Tacos With Guacamole $9.85
Carne Asada Combination Platter $12.31
Two Chicken Tacos Combination Platter $9.45
Green Chile Combination Platter $9.55
Adobada Combination Platter $9.21
Chimichanga Combination Platter $9.89
Two Carne Asada Burritos $14.14
Carnitas Plate $9.89
Two Fish Tacos Combination Platter $9.06
Two Chiles Rellenos Combination Platter $9.55
Two Carne Asada Tacos Combination Platter $11.85
Taco & Enchilada Combination Platter $9.13
Carne Asada Fries $9.55
Menudo $9.45
Super Nachos $10.99
Burrito & Enchilada Combination Platter $9.45
Tamales Combo Plate With Rice/Beans $7.23

Breakfast Platters

Item Prices
Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Platter $7.56
Spanish Omelette Breakfast Platter $8.58
Steak Ranchero Breakfast Platter $10.41
Chorizo Plate Breakfast Platter $9.39
Machaca Breakfast Platter $10.41

Breakfast Burritos

Item Prices
Breakfast (Ham) Breakfast Burrito $6.41
Chorizo Breakfast Burrito $6.41
Machaca Breakfast Burrito $7.21
Steak & Egg Breakfast Burrito $7.86
Country Breakfast Burrito $6.41
Bacon Breakfast Burritos $6.52
Sausage Breakfast Burrito $6.52


Item Prices
Pollo Asado Burrito $6.59
Carne Asada Burrito $7.28
Beef Burrito $6.52
Fish Burrito $6.59
Chicken Burrito $5.84
Bean Burrito $4.00
Carnitas Burrito $6.59
Chile Relleno Burrito $6.59
Adobada Burrito $6.59
Green Chile Burrito $6.59
Arizona Burrito $7.28
Camaron Burrito $8.31
Patron Burrito $8.99
Texas Burrito $6.59
Extreme Fajita Burrito $8.82
California Burrito $8.99
Veggie Burrito $6.07
Cabeza Burrito $7.28
Gordo Burrito $9.97

Jr. Burritos

Item Prices
Bean And Cheese Burrito $4.23
Arizona Burrito $4.23
Carne Asada Burrito $4.23
Adobada Burrito $4.23
Carnitas Burrito $4.23
Chicken Burrito $4.23
Chile Relleno Burrito $4.23
Fish Burrito $4.23
Green Chile Burrito $4.23
Pollo Asado Burrito $4.23
Machaca Burrito $4.23
Texas Burrito $5.38
Shrimp Burrito $5.38
Patron Burrito $5.38
Extreme Burrito $5.38


Item Prices
Chicken Taco $2.76
Beef Taco $3.11
Pollo Asado Taco $3.26
Carne Asada Taco $3.76
Carnitas Taco $3.26
Pescado Taco $3.26
Camaron Taco $3.77
Adobada Taco $3.26
3 Rolled Tacos Cheese $3.65
3 Rolled Tacos Cheese With Guacamole $4.35
5 Rolled Tacos Cheese With Guacamole $5.60
Cabeza Taco $3.79


Item Prices
Chicken Tostadas $5.03
Carne Asada Tostadas $5.72
Carnitas Tostadas $5.03
Beans Tostadas $3.26
Chips & Guacamole Tostadas $6.29
Chimichanga Tostadas $8.64
Super Nachos Tostadas $10.99
Super Nachos $8.07


Item Prices
Fish Torta $5.52
Chicken Torta $5.52
Carne Asada Torta $7.43
Adobada Torta $6.75
Chorizo Torta $5.50
Machaca Torta $6.29
Carnitas Torta $6.75
Ham Torta $6.87


Item Prices
Cheese Enchilada $6.07
Beef Enchilada $6.75
Chicken Enchilada $6.07

Quesadillas Supreme

Item Prices
Carne Asada Quesadilla Supreme $10.53
Carnitas Quesadilla Supreme $9.84
Pollo Quesadilla Supreme $9.39
Camaron Quesadilla Supreme $10.53
Mary Tierra Quesadilla Supreme $11.45

Kids Menu

Item Prices
Kids Bean And Cheese Burrito $4.00
Kids Quesadilla $4.00
Kids Chicken Nuggets $4.00


Item Prices
Taco Salad $7.90
Fili’s Chicken Salad $7.29


Item Prices
Chicken Bowl $8.01
Carnitas Bowl $8.01
Carne Asada Bowl $8.93
Shrimp Bowl $10.08


Item Prices
Cheese Quesadilla $4.97
Pint Of Rice $3.31
Pint Of Beans $3.31
Pint Of Guacamole $9.43
Chips & Salsa $3.72


Item Prices
Extra Meat $2.01
Cheese Extra $1.73
Guacamole Extra $2.01
Sour Cream Extra $1.73
Pico De Gallo Extra $1.73
Enchilada Style Extra $1.59
Jalapenos Extra $1.73
Pint Of Rice Extra $3.31
Pint Of Beans Extra $3.31
Extra Rice $1.73
Extra Beans $1.19
Green Chicken Tamale $1.73
Red Pork Tamale $1.73


Item Prices
Mexican Juice $2.99
Fountain Drinks $2.49

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who owns Filiberto’s restaurant?

Juan Tenorio Jr., the owner of Filiberto’s, is the son of Juan Tenorio Sr., who opened the original Mesa restaurant.

Is Filiberto’s open on a 24-hour basis?

Located in the southwest, Filiberto’s fast, authentic Mexican food is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is the address of Filiberto’s headquarters?

Its headquarters are located at 1601 E Mcdowell Rd, Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

What is the name of Filibertos’ CEO?

Filiberto’s Mexican Food Restaurants — John Schwimmer, CEO.

Filiberto’s can be ordered online?

Filiberto’s Mexican Food has announced a new partnership with GrubHub. Now it’s easier than ever to get your favorite foods.

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Filiberto’s Mission:

Each guest staying at our hotel will receive fast, professional, friendly and efficient service. To ensure that our guests and staff are in a clean, cosy, and well-maintained space, We take great care when it comes to maintaining our facilities.

Our primary goal is to serve high-quality meals for a reasonable price using fresh, natural ingredients. Our mission is to show our guests and staff members the dignity and respect they deserve.

We will maintain an enlightened relationship with the communities that we are pleased to be part of by remaining determined to achieve these goals.

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