Although Greggs is well-known for its excellent bakery items, a lot of people are not aware of the breakfast options available. It’s a feast of delicious and sweet options that can provide you with energy and satisfy your hunger.

Greggs has been around for more than 70 years and is a firm believer that their food must be “Always fresh. Always Delicious.” The company has expanded from one location into a publicly-traded business.

Gregg's Breakfast Hours

Gregg’s Breakfast Hours & Days

Monday – Friday: 7 AM – 7:30 PM

Saturday: 7:30 AM – 7 PM

Sunday: 8:30 AM – 5 PM

Note: Hours vary by location

With tasty items like bacon rolls or sausages and baguettes for omelettes, you’re guaranteed to find something which will help keep your going all day. The majority of the food is available at Greggs is a dessert and makes it easy to grab something when you are on your way to work.

Take a look at the complete breakfast menu below so you will know what you need to help you get through the day. This will be perfect with a latte, or tea for breakfast Official website.

  • Bacon Roll: PS1.75
  • Sausage Roll: PS1.75
  • Omelette Roll: PS1.75
  • Bacon and Sausage Rolls: PS1.85
  • Bacon, and Omelette Roll: PS1.85
  • Omelette and Sausage Roll: PS1.85
  • Extra Bacon: 45p
  • Porridge: PS1.00
  • Bacon Baguette: PS2.50
  • Sausage Baguette: PS2.50
  • Omelette Baguette: PS2.50
  • Bacon, Sausage and Baguette: PS2.60
  • Bacon as well as Omelette Baguette: PS2.60
  • Omelette and Sausage Baguette PS2.60
  • Bacon and Cheese Wrap: PS1.65

Gregg’s Most Popular Breakfast Foods

Bacon and Cheese Wrap: If you’re looking for protein before you head for work, this wrap is one of the cheapest options and perfect to grab in the middle of the road. It’s delicious and will give you a fuller stomach!

Bacon and Sausage Roll: This product will really give you a boost of energy! It’s packed with protein and is sure to keep you full all through the day, feeling energized and full!

Omelette Baguette If you love eggs at breakfast This is a fantastic alternative. It’s a fresh omelette served with fresh bread. It’s among the most expensive dishes on the menu however, it’s still reasonably priced.

Porridge The Porridge is among the cheapest dishes available on the menu. It is made of oats and has a wonderfully dense texture. It’s a great way to keep yourself satisfied throughout the day. It is great with sugar or honey.

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What do Greggs sell for breakfast?

Greggs menu is filled with tasty breakfast rolls such as bacon and egg omelette, breakfast rolls sausage breakfast baguette bacon and cheese wraps as well as other items. There’s a wide selection of snacks and drinks like vanilla Latte, regular coffee white coffee, cheddar cheese and onion chips.


What is a Greggs breakfast roll?

A delicious mix of oven baked bacon as well as pork sausages inside the form of a breakfast roll with a corn top.  When you’re taking a look at the mix of bacon rashers, sausage and a soft corn-topped roll, there’s a good chance you’re mouth salivating.

Are Yum Yums vegan Greggs?

Can Greggs Yum Yums vegan? Greggs Yum Yums aren’t suitable for vegans because they contain eggs. Greggs Yum Yums do not contain milk in their ingredients, however, there is a risk of cross-contamination between items that contain milk.

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