Ikea Dubai Breakfast Hours

Ikea Dubai Breakfast Hours

Ikea Dubai Breakfast Hours: We have been moving into our brand new apartment and were looking to purchase furniture for our new place.

We didn’t need to splash out on a large sum and were able to afford an excursion to IKEA Dubai where we’ve found decent quality and cost-effective furniture items in the past.

There’s only one issue when you visit IKEA at the end of a week, and that is that It is typically crowded with people, particularly during the afternoon.

We chose to visit earlier in the day, eat breakfast at the well-known IKEA Restaurant, and be done shopping before the in the afternoon.

ikea dubai breakfast hours

When we reached IKEA around 10.30 at the beginning of the week, we realized that the parking lot was already full, and we began getting worried.

We quickly walked through the shopping mall and got access to the IKEA store and then were directed to the restaurant. The view from there was amazing considering the location is “assaulted” by hundreds of people.

We struggled to locate the exit in the bustling restaurant and to access the food display. We wondered what made the restaurant so popular Official Link.

We eventually realized the reason that a breakfast buffet costs only fourteen AED (3.8 USD) not much compared to the prices of many bars and cafes.

IKEA breakfast is of good quality and quantity. It is also inexpensive.

The breakfast main course is made up of eggs, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, sausages from chicken, and hash brown.

I am not a fan of beans with a back, therefore I didn’t order the beans, however, they are readily available. To the eggs, I also added butter bread and cheese as well as a cinnamon roll, and black coffee. All for less than 20 AED.

Let’s face it The mushroom could have been cooked better and the tomatoes didn’t get grilling, but at 20 AED the quality/price ratio was above average.

I’ve had similar breakfasts at other places, where I paid 4 times as much and had a more satisfying meal than the IKEA one.

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