Yours Truly Breakfast Hours


Yours Truly Breakfast Hours

Yours Truly Breakfast Hours: The Sunrise has large eggs, breakfast meat golden hash browns toast, and a choice of hot chocolate, coffee, and fountain drink tea, or a small amount of milk.
*Kill it Skillet: Can you beat it? Two large eggs bacon, sausage golden hash browns topped with onions, green peppers mixed cheese and toast Ciabatta.
Yours Truly Breakfast Hours
Start Two large eggs, breakfast meat, and rich, delicious French toast sprinkled with powdered sugar. Sun cakes Two large eggs, breakfast meat, and two pancakes made of buttermilk.
 Sunfest Sunfest large eggs, fresh fruit, and toast of your choice basic breakfast Two large eggs cooked in any way with a toast of your choice and lots of fresh YT coffee.
“YT” Egg Muffin One large egg bacon, American on toasty English muffin Wrap-Up Eggs scrambled onions, green peppers, and melted cheese wrapped into our wrap cooked and served with a chunky Mexican salsa alongside Italian sausage old Fashioned Oatmeal
served with raisins, brown sugar, and milk
**Top with two of fruits, such as bananas, strawberries dried cranberries, walnuts or dried walnuts available until 11:30 a.m. daily
Eggs Bruschetta Thinly cut bake ciabatta, drizzled Extra virgin olive oil fresh tomatoes, chopped spinach, shaved parmesan cheese and finished with two huge eggs. It’s easy to make.


Select one of the following: toast or golden hash browns or cottage fries

Not so(TM)Golden hash browns, cheese chopped bacon, and sour cream is M&MSauteed Fresh mushrooms and muenster
SedonaApplewood sauteed smoked ham, green pepper onion, and cheese BTCchopped bacon tomato, and cheese
VegetableFresh green pepper, spinach tomato, onion, and cheese


Egg Beaters, egg whites, and Real Maple Syrup are available on request. The sugar-free syrup is available for free.

1 Egg Benedict on the side and golden Hash Browns
**2 Two large eggs with golden hash browns, and toast
3 Three buttermilk pancakes. Try these with blueberries!
3.5 Large Stack 5 buttermilk pancakes
4. Two pancakes made of buttermilk and the choice of breakfast meat
5 A rich and savory French toast with powdered sugar and topped by strawberries. Include breakfast meat
6 Two pancakes made of buttermilk, topped with two large eggs
7 YT Medley pita triangles filled with two eggs fried to perfection bacon, melted muenster, and American
8. Belgian type waffles finish it off with breakfast meat, fresh strawberries, and whip cream
9.Corned Beef Hash Griddled with two eggs and toast

Breakfast and Side Dishes

Monster Hash Golden hash browns that are grilled with onion, green pepper, and cheese. Then smothered with melted cheese griddled Golden Hash Browns
Breakfast Meats Traditional or Italian sausage patties Turkey or pork links bacon, ham as well as Canadian bacon griddle Corned Beef Hash
A Buttermilk Pancake
Bakery Breads Ciabatta pita or sunflower, wheat bagel, raisin English muffin, or white gluten-Free bread
**Strawberry Yogurt as well as Granola along with Fresh Fruit
**Fresh Fruit Fest Reg. or Sm.

Yours Truly Breakfast Hours

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